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Jessica Manca, Vancouver Certified Coach

  Finding Passion, A Self-Discovery Approach for Navigating Career Crossroads

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Learn How Finding Your Passion Will Transform Your Life

Have you been feeling stuck in a career that's no longer fulfilling to you? How long have you been considering a change and afraid to take the next step? What if you learned what's at the root of your feelings and gained strategies for overcoming your fears?

My Passion is helping individuals reconnect with themselves on a path that's true to the heart's desire, yet sensible to reveal new options available to them that they themselves can't see. We're really good at hiding truths from ourselves, so my role is to facilitate the conversation you've been avoiding. I'll be your thinking partner and sounding board to the crossroads you face across career, success, life, health and happiness. With coaching, I'll help you live the life you want.

Credentials | Industry-Recognized Coaching Experience

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International Coach Federation ACC designation


Jessica is an Associate Certified Coach (ACC), trusted member of the International Coach Federation (ICF), Vancouver BC Chapter, and abides by the ethics and standards of the ICF. She also holds a Certified Executive Coach (CEC) designation working with corporate clients, senior talent and developing leaders. Coaching and correspondence is under strict confidentiality.

Explore Books | Finding Passion

Finding Passion Book

The Finding Passion Book

How to Ask Yourself, "What Do I Really Want?"

Learn how to figure out what you want, align to your Passion, and create the career roadmap of your dreams. A self-discovery book designed for professionals struggling with how to make life-changing career decisions.

Coaching Success Stories

Benefit: ClarityGained Career Clarity

“Working with Jessica has given me an amazing release of pressure and I have found real clarity for my future...” ~ Manager, Construction, Vancouver, BC

Benefit: GrowthGrowth by Stepping Into My Own Power

“Jessica’s online Skype personal coaching sessions at Managing Mindspaces has been incredibly mind-blowing and invaluable to my career and life...I was afraid of rejection and through her gentle guidance, observations, and curiosities, she helped me unlock one of my biggest fears – the fear of my own power.” ~ Donna Huang, Happy Keys Music, Entrepreneur/Piano, Vancouver, BC

Benefit: StrengthStrength to Make Big Decisions

“Working with Jessica has truly been a life-changing experience. Through our conversations and exercises, I came to understand why I had become so dissatisfied with a job I had once enjoyed. Jessica helped me to reconnect with my core values and find the strength within myself to make changes, sometimes difficult ones, to get my life back to where I wanted it to be...” ~ Dara Gilger, Knowledge Worker, Twinsburg, OH

Benefit: PeacePeace of Mind and Reduced Stress

“As a result of my coaching sessions, I now have taken steps to decrease the stress load in my day to day work as well as moved toward larger changes in my career that I hope will some day result in my dream job!” ~ Sarah Bateman, Teacher, Salt Spring Island BC

Benefit: CourageCourage to Face My Inner Critic

“We have worked together to slay the ’fear monster’ and have filled my ‘ninja’ toolbox with methods for success and staying on track. Jessica worked with me to help me get unstuck and now my business is a reality not just a dream.” ~ Kathy Plant, K&Co., Fine Art Photographer, Vancouver Island, BC

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