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Finding Passion, A Self-Discovery Approach for Navigating Career Crossroads


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About | Jessica Manca, Certified Coach

Jessica Manca delivers coaching for professionals struggling with the dance of well-paying careers that leave them unfulfilled. She helps clients through life-changing decisions to define happiness, meaning, and discover finding their Passion.

"I believe in empowering you with life training tools to increase self-awareness. My book, "Finding Passion" guides you through self-discovery exercises to find answers, explore options, and become ready to make the change you want. Combined with sensible coaching, we'll go deeper in our work to tackle the blind spots you're not able to see. There's no limit to our partnership and your personal transformation." - Jessica Manca.

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Jessica is an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) and member of the International Coach Federation (ICF), Vancouver BC Chapter and abides by the ethics and standards of the ICF. She also holds a Certified Executive Coach (CEC) designation from Royal Roads University. Jessica serves clients across the United States and Canada.

Explore Books | How to Find Your Passion

Finding Passion Book

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The Finding Passion Book

A self-discovery approach to making life-changing decisions, using passion as your navigator for living true to yourself.

"Finding Passion is well-organized and makes personal reflection easy." Read reviews

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Success Stories | Career Pressure Replaced with Career Clarity

quote markWorking with Jessica has given me an amazing release of pressure and I have found real clarity for my future. I know I am in control of where and when I may turn a corner in my career or even decide to stay where I am in the corporate world. I have gained confidence and understanding. I feel that Jessica has shown me the way to empowerment, and how every decision I make is my own.”

-- Manager, Construction, Vancouver BC

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Success Stories | Creating an Authentic and Solution-Focused Space

quote markJessica is a powerful coach...The element of Jessica’s coaching that I enjoyed most was her ability to create a respectful space for authentic and solution-focused conversation....”

-- Brett Johnson, Certified Executive Coach, Edmonton, AB Canada

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Success Stories | Finding the strength to make difficult changes

quote markWorking with Jessica has truly been a life-changing experience. Through our conversations and exercises, I came to understand why I had become so dissatisfied with a job I had once enjoyed. Jessica helped me to reconnect with my core values and find the strength within myself to make changes, sometimes difficult ones, to get my life back to where I wanted it to be. I know I will revisit and utilize the tools she has given me, so that I can continue to grow in both my career and personal life. Thank you Jessica!”

-- Dara Gilger, Twinsburg, Ohio

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Success Stories | Decreased Stress, Moving Forward with Career Changes

quote markAs a result of my coaching sessions, I now have taken steps to decrease the stress load in my day to day work as well as moved toward larger changes in my career that I hope will some day result in my dream job!”

-- Sarah Bateman, Teacher, Middle Years Shared Ecological Education Community, School District 64, Salt Spring Island BC, Canada

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Success Stories | Slaying the Fear Monster

quote mark Jessica was exactly what I was looking for in a coach. Her insights, humour and thoughtful challenging questions have opened up a world full of creativity, possibilities and successes. We have worked together to slay the ’fear monster’ and have filled my ‘ninja’ toolbox with methods for success and staying on track. Jessica worked with me to help me get unstuck and now my business is a reality not just a dream.”

-- Kathy Plant, K&Co., Vancouver Island, BC Canada

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