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Motivation is an internally-driven force. This post focuses on the conditions that make up motivation and a simple visual tool you can use to help you find motivation.

What’s your relationship with Motivation?

Are you able to motivate yourself easily, or do you struggle with it? In the support of my own learning and yours, I put together the components that build motivation. This is from my perspective to overcome the ick that comes from things where we lack motivation.

What I know about motivation is

  • Motivation is personal (internal) to each of us.
  • Others can’t tell us to be motivated. That doesn't work.
  • Our motivation hinges upon our mood, health, goals, intention, and inspirations.
  • When we are motivated, there’s a fearlessness that awakens to tackle challenges.
  • When procrastination occurs, motivation is lacking on some level.
  • If surrounded by others who are highly motivated, we often get more motivated through that excitement and synergy.

When you're unmotivated, find out what's missing

It takes all of the following elements to make the wheel move forward:

  • internal drive or my stake in it;
  • attention and focus;
  • time and dedication;
  • energy and action;
  • ability and talent (creativity, tools, methods, resources); and
  • a vision for what’s desired.

Try this strategy the next time you procrastinate

Apply this tool to your current projects and goals to move them forward. Only you can find your own motivation!

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