Managing Mindspaces Career Coaching Services
Coaching is a partnership to facilitate your personal and professional potential.

Coaching and Accountability

Proven Personalized Programs

You'll have a dedicated partner to hold you accountable to prepare, take action, and reflect on your development.

Whether you want to find your passion, reinvent your career or dig deep for getting out of your own way, we have a solution for you (and your Best Self!)

How it works

The phases of work include: 1) free initial strategy session, 2) a Self-Discovery Intensive workshop to self-assess your starting point and define the goals/outcomes for coaching, 3) Ongoing coaching and weekly accountability, 4) Mid-point check and recalibration, 5) Results achieved and 6) Refining strategies for maintenance and full-integration for lasting results beyond our coaching.

What’s the #1 myth about working with a Coach? Find the answer to this and other FAQs.


Free Career Strategy Session

Ensure we are a good fit for the coaching partnership.

Gain tangible next steps
Experience coaching
Private and confidential


Self-Discovery Workshop

Goal setting intensive to help you breakthrough.

Define 1-2 focus areas
Identify blockers
Visualize outcomes


Ongoing Coaching

Uncover blindspots, stories you tell, and inner limits. Learn how to create success habits and thrive.

Regular coaching
Weekly accountability


Midpoint Check

Review progress, recalibrate if necessary to continue momentum and lasting results.

Update progress made
Mark as complete
Define new goals


Results Achieved

Acknowledge progress and wins. Review the personal growth experienced since coaching began.

Celebrate the milestone
Reflect on strategies gained



Ensure strategies and accountability are in place beyond the coaching partnership.

Continue momentum
Integrated, lasting change

Program Comparison

Coaching programs are accessible to any person regardless of your income, your profession, or your experience level.


Paperback, eBook

Finding Passion

Purchase on Amazon. Look Inside


20 Self-discovery exercises
Qualifies you for a two-week trial!

Finding Passion Book

Starter ~2-4 months


Finding Passion Method to learn how passion, values and alignment helps you figure out what you really want.


Per Month

Finding Passion Book Included
High-level Resume Feedback
One-time Self-Discovery Workshop
Two 60 minute sessions per month
Private Member's Workspace
Goal Tracking
Work at your own pace
Weekly Accountability

Premium ~6 months


Continuous improvement to uncover blindspots and inner limits. Learn how to create success habits to help you thrive.


Per Month

Everything in Starter, Plus:
Double the access to Jessica
Two 60 minute sessions +
Weekly Sounding Board Sessions
Bonus Detailed Resume Review
Mock Interview Prep Sessions
First-look PDF Guides & Checklists
Momentum Vision Board
30-day Maintenance Check
NO Monthly Contracts
Cancel Anytime

Premium Plus ~12 months


Advanced strategies for bringing your Ultimate Future forward and maintaining lasting personal change.


Per Month

Everything in Premium, Plus:
Anytime coaching
Quarterly Self-Discovery Workshops
Bonus Digital Finding Passion Book
Interview-Based 360 Feedback
Video Booth Recordings
NO Monthly Contracts
Cancel Anytime

Prices subject to change without notice.

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Coaching Experience with Accountability

With proof of book purchase, experience a free two-week trial.

Includes 45-minute coaching session, email support, and a one week accountability check-in! That's half a month of coaching and accountability towards your goals - free!

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