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Your success is my number one priority. Below are some of the options available for us to co-create the program that meets your needs and catapults you to achieve your goals faster than you can do on your own.

Finding Passion Book
Paperback or Kindle

Breakthrough Career Workshop

Personal Executive & Career Coaching

One-time cost +S&H


Reset your career direction
90 minutes of coaching


Private virtual one-time workshop to reset your career & make a plan
Personal Programs starting at


Invest in yourself and your future with a consistent Accountability Partner*
Finding Passion Book

  • Ideal for busy professionals craving a fulfilling career
  • Includes 20+ self-discovery stratgies to support clarity in your career direction
  • How to ask, "What Do I Want?" and other questions you may be avoiding
  • Uncovers your passion, values and desires
  • Challenges fears and old thinking holding you back
  • Reconnects you with your best Self; your true capacity
  • Helps you make informed decisions withe ease
  • Brings alignment to your work, home and personal life

BONUS Add-ons:

Breakthrough Career Workshop

  • Ideal for those ready for career change
  • Follows your free 1-hour introductory powerful coaching session
  • Career Questionnaire to zoom out to the big picture
  • 90 minutes of career coaching to help you see what's holding you back
  • Challenge assumptions, vet choices and eliminate what's not working
  • Reset your career goals and perspective on what's stuck
  • Walk away with a personal Career Dashboard for your goals
  • Gain an Accountability Partner for 30 days*
  • Available via phone/Skype

BONUS Add-ons:

  • Free follow-up for your accountability after 30 days to keep you on track
  • Purchase a Resume/LinkedIn profile review to save you time
Personal Career Coaching

  • Ideal for career transition, lifestyle reinvention, making big leaps
  • Comprehensive, custom personal transformation coaching program
  • 90-minute Career Breakthrough Workshop
  • Holds you accountable to goals, milestones in Coaching Dashboard
  • Free signed copy of the book, Finding Passion
  • Gain clarity, ability to self-manage and redefine life's purpose
  • Weekly personal accountability reminders via email
  • Available via phone/Skype. In-person fees apply
  • Email and phone access between sessions + VIP benefits
  • Graduate to 90-day Momentum Program upon completion. Includes Personal Vision Board of your work.

BONUS Add-ons:

*As an Accountability Partner, we'll establish a trusted coach-client relationship by which all coaching conversations and communications are held strictly confidential as per the International Coach Federation (ICF) standards and ethics. Jessica is a Certified Executive Coach and Associate Certified Coach, recognized by the ICF. Rates displayed may change without notice.

What does an Accountability Partner Do?

You'll gain an Accountability Partner to challenge you and keep you on track with your commitments. The Coach is someone who listens, without judgment, and helps you learn, grow and be challenged.

You call the shots when we're done, and best of all, all strategies and techniques can be integrated into other parts of your life! Learn how to raise your self-awareness to make better decisions, manage changes (without the short fuse) and finally declare what you most desire in life.

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Bring your career questions, and experience a 45-minute private, 1:1 coaching session. Walk away with tangible next steps.


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