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Follow Your Heart to Find Your Passion

quote markJessica’s book ‘Finding Passion – A self-discovery approach for navigating career crossroads’ is an exceptional testament to her life experiences, instinctive knowledge, and willingness to be vulnerable in order to help people find their passion. Her book is easy to follow, hands-on, and asks heart-focused questions that are thought provoking and truly speaks to your inner being. Self-discovery is essential to finding your own passion and Jessica’s book gently guides you along the way.

Jessica’s online Skype life coaching sessions at Managing Mindspaces has been incredibly mind-blowing and invaluable to my career and life. Her coaching style is warm, direct, and effective. Jessica’s intuitive gifts matched with her practical knowledge has helped me realize which fears were holding me back from my business. I was afraid of rejection and through her gentle guidance, observations, and curiosities, she helped me unlock one of my biggest fears – the fear of my own power. Furthermore, she gave me challenges and guided me to find ways within myself to work with my fears.

If you’re looking for someone who will help you focus and clear your mind about your core beliefs, values, and fears then she is someone who will not only listen but also ask mind-shifting questions which will alter your perspective and bring to awareness who you really want to be. She has helped me in so many ways and I am forever thankful. Now I feel confidant in knowing that what I have to offer to the world (teaching piano to children) is valuable because doing what I love is integral to my whole being and to the world. I know I make a difference in the lives of many children and so too will Jessica make a difference in your life. It’s never too late to discover more about yourself and your passions!

I highly recommend Jessica’s book and coaching sessions to anyone who is ready for a change – that is to follow their heart and to find their passion. Go for it! If you are reading this, then you're ready. "

-- Donna Huang, Owner Happy Keys Music, Vancouver BC

Career Pressure Replaced with Career Clarity

quote markWorking with Jessica has given me an amazing release of pressure and I have found real clarity for my future. I know I am in control of where and when I may turn a corner in my career or even decide to stay where I am in the corporate world. I have gained confidence and understanding. I feel that Jessica has shown me the way to empowerment, and how every decision I make is my own."

-- Manager, Construction, Vancouver BC

Finding the Strength to Make Difficult Changes

quote markWorking with Jessica has truly been a life-changing experience. Through our conversations and exercises, I came to understand why I had become so dissatisfied with a job I had once enjoyed. Jessica helped me to reconnect with my core values and find the strength within myself to make changes, sometimes difficult ones, to get my life back to where I wanted it to be. I know I will revisit and utilize the tools she has given me, so that I can continue to grow in both my career and personal life. Thank you Jessica!"

-- Dara Gilger, Twinsburg, Ohio

Creating an Authentic and Solution-Focused Space

quote markJessica is a powerful coach. She used her energy, intuition, and provocative questions to help me gain new insights about myself. Jessica was able to use her advanced coaching skills to stretch me out of my comfort zone, really make me think, and keep me focused on my goals. The element of Jessica’s coaching that I enjoyed most was her ability to create a respectful space for authentic and solution-focused conversation. I am an Executive Coach myself and have no hesitation in recommending Jessica to other professional coaches. She is a gem."

-- Brett Johnson, Certified Executive Coach, Edmonton, AB Canada

Immediate Results (after 1st session)

quote markThank you very much Jessica. I just want to say thank you again for being persistent with me when I was elusive at the beginning. This has made a huge impact in my life already, and I am so excited about our coaching relationship.

-- Dan Freeman, Surrey, BC

Slaying the Fear Monster

quote markJessica Manca at Managing Mindspaces was exactly what I was looking for in a coach. Her insights, humour and thoughtful challenging questions have opened up a world full of creativity, possibilities and successes. We have worked together to slay the ’fear monster’ and have filled my ‘ninja’ toolbox with methods for success and staying on track. Jessica worked with me to help me get unstuck and now my business is a reality not just a dream.

-- Kathy Plant, K&Co., Vancouver Island, BC

Decreased Stress, Moving Forward with Career Changes

quote markThrough my coaching experience with Jessica I was able to focus my personal vision, articulate my strengths and discover support for my vision. I am usually so wrapped up in the daily challenges of my career that I often don't take the time to reflect on the areas that are causing me stress.. As I result, I don't take the time to make decisions around what I would like to change and develop a strategy to tackle these areas. My coaching experience with Jessica helped me to focus on issues that were important to me. She helped to stimulate my thinking, look to my sources of strength, find positive solutions and push me to take action. As a result of my coaching sessions, I now have taken steps to decrease the stress load in my day to day work as well as moved toward larger changes in my career that I hope will some day result in my dream job!

Jessica was a perfect match for me. Although all of our sessions occurred over the phone, I could feel her warmth and sense her smiling on the other end of the line. She listened to the stories around the issues, helped me to clarify what needed to be done and made sure that I had concrete steps to act on by the end of each session.

-- Sarah Bateman, Teacher, Middle Years Shared Ecological Education Community,
School District 64, Salt Spring Island BC

Gaining an Understanding Beyond My Perspective

quote markJessica is great for helping "drill down" into my core motivators and de-motivators, and gaining a better understanding of a given situation beyond my own perspective.

-- Female, Surrey, BC

Having a Sounding Board for Your Thoughts

quote markI just had my first chat with Jessica regarding my career goals. She was very personable, and there was absolutely no pressure for continued services. Her desire to help people is absolutely evident. Even if you are just needing a sounding board for your thoughts as I was, I recommend contacting Jessica.

-- Manager, Accounting, Marshfield, MO

Unlocking People's Best Potential

quote markJessica has amazing energy. She is very good at unlocking people's best potential...Totally wonderful person to work with!

-- Management Consultant, Ottawa ON

Brings Out Your Best; Embraces New Challenges

quote markJessica is one of the most detail-oriented and quality focused individuals I've met. While most of the people who have worked with her know her for her great project management skills and positively motivating attitude, I had the opportunity to have Jess as my career coach...She has the uncanny ability to bring out the best in people, to help others step out of their comfort zone and embrace new challenges, all while having fun.

-- Management Consultant, Ottawa ON

Passionate and Committed, a Stand-out Coach

quote markJessica has always demonstrated an unbridled passion for leadership, growth, and team development. Having had many different coaches throughout a lifetime of athletics, academics, and professional organizations, I count Jessica among the very best I have known. It is her passion and commitment that differentiates her. The level of thoughtfulness and planning that she put into her coaching curriculum greatly enhanced the coaching experience. Jessica was recognized for her commitment to coaching, receiving the Coach of Year Award. This is a prestigious award that is given to a Deloitte coach who is an exceptional coach and applies the same professionalism to coaching as they do to serving clients. Jessica was a deserving recipient of this award and a stand-out performer in the organization.

-- Managment Consultant, Ottawa ON

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